What followers want Part 1 L052

There can actually be great deal of difference between what leaders think they should be, and what followers actually want. In Jo Owen’s ‘How to lead’ he looks at the improbability of the perfect leader. He or she should be a mixture of the following opposite characteristics:

Creative and disciplined
Visionary and detailed
Motivational and commanding
Directing and empowering
Ambitious and humble
Reliable and risk taking
Intuitive and logical
Intellectual and emotional
Coaching and controlling

As you can see the perfect leader clearly does not exist! So often we compare ourselves with other great leaders or men and women who have inspired us on our leadership journey. We end up trying to be an impossible blend of all our heroes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be set free from that kind of comparison or false expectation?

When followers were asked what behaviour they most wanted from leaders the list looked very different, (Source: Teach First Survey Results, Monitor Group analysis):

1. The ability to Motivate others
2. Vision
3. Honesty and integrity
4. Decisiveness
5. The ability to handle crisis

It looks quite different and hopefully more realistic. So as you head into Christmas and the new year, why not reflect on those qualities and give yourself a score out of 10, then think about what one thing would take you nearer to a 10 in 2012

May your leadership grow and prosper in the coming year

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