D.R. Congo: ex-boy soldiers

Another iPhone crisis day with no power till tonight.

Easier start to the leaders conference today, much more engaged. Some classic pieces of drama from the team, and I even got a laugh from a joke about a mosquito (it really doesn’t work in English, but apparently is funny to the Congolese. My interpreter knew what was coming and was in pleats before I had even started!!). Numbers crept up to 60+ by the end of the day with lots of good feedback. Many of the delegates were bishops or apostles, so quite a senior bunch. I pray they will put into practice what they have learned.

I heard awful retching in the night and was convinced one of the team had gone down with a stomach bug. Fortunately it turned out to be another guest getting something off his chest!

Well we’re at the half way mark today. This time next week we will be home. Please don’t stop praying for us. Tonight we had our first chance to relax together as a team after the evening meal, introducing Zilch to several of them – Lydia won. Mana our lovely Congolese interpreter couldn’t quite get the idea of when not to risk everything.

The rest of the team visited some of the ex-boy soldiers this afternoon, most of whom had been placed in mechanics workshops.
Football shirts and 4points wristbands were given out as gifts.

Elikem gets to preach at tomorrows church meeting.


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