D.R. Congo: Amazing favour!

We had an amazing time at the Mayor’s office this morning. The mayor, his deputy and his 80-100 of his staff from round the city came together to allow us to teach them in the open air about godly leadership.

After I talked for about 45 mins the mayor publicly repented on behalf of the corruption of the government and many of the local officials.

He welcomed the teaching and asked for the notes to be sent to him. The deputy said that the leadership books we left last time had been a great help to him in his leadership and his teaching at the University.

He has spent the rest of the day showing us round the city. Amazing favour. Its been a rewarding, long and exhausting day!

– Nic

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  1. claire says:

    Brilliant news Nic – is he a new Mayor or the same one we met a couple of years ago? Well done!

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