D.R. Congo: Broadcast on local TV!

We spent the morning with Pastor Alexandre looking ahead to what the next 5 years of partnership might look like – lots of exciting possibilities. I Heard that the talk I did with the mayor’s staff was broadcast on local TV and has been talked about all round the city – remarkable and humbling!

Next we split to make further enquiries with Promicrofinance, visiting a number of the businesses they successfully sponsor; the Anglican hospital, and the Anglican school, where there is the chance to link them with a local Merseyside school who want to form such a partnership.

The latter part of the afternoon was at a joint churches service with multiple choirs, where Elikem preached up a storm. It seems we have quite a little team of preachers here! Hannah’s turn tomorrow.


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    All of these articles have saved me a lot of heaecahds.

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