D.R. Congo: Hot, dusty, dirt and boulder roads to the border

3 1/2 hrs on hot, dusty, dirt and boulder roads to the Congo border in a beat up 4×4 with 4 of us squashed on the back seat and Lydia cooped up with the luggage. We passed two articulated lorries overturned on the road. The journey had taken us an hour less going back – the driver was trying to beat the deadline before the border crossing closed. We had been delayed by having had lunch with the mayor before we left. He presented us with a DVD of our day with him. He was delightful.

After going through the endless police and immigration checks we emerged on the Ugandan side to meet up with Pastor Laban who had come to pick us up and take us to his house for the night. As we got into his car and drove away Lydia’s comment was ‘Do you think this is what it feels like when you get to heaven?’ One seat each, suspension, tarmac roads, air conditioning, and worship music. I knew exactly what she meant!

The 3 churches we preached in this morning seem a world away. There is a certain sadness in leaving behind friends old and new, knowing that they have no way out. Tomorrow onward to Kampala and then a days leadership training with Pastor Paddy.

Should sleep well tonight!


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  1. Jackie Hodson says:

    Banana Village will definitely seem like paradise! Well done guys.I am sure that your visit will keep friends in Butembo going for a while,it will have been such an encouragement for them.

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