D.R. Congo: We hail ourselves as the ‘developed world’

D.R. Congo: We hail ourselves as the ‘developed world’

We finally arrived at Manchester airport this morning shortly after 7am. Two 7 hour legs, one from Kampala to Dubai and then onto Manchester. It is always weird to be back in the West after being in the Congo, but even more so when I reflect on the arduous but seamless travel arrangements across Uganda and Congo compared with the 2hr tailback we experienced on the M6 this morning!

There are always mixed emotions about leaving Africa and re-entering ‘normal life’. They get so many things right, like respect for authority, care for the elderly, always time to talk and relate, working with the natural span of daylight, growing their own food, strong and stable families, and more. And yet we hail ourselves as the ‘developed world’.

The trip has been a wonderful time of blessing others and being blessed, of giving out daily and yet receiving so much. It is always sad to leave friends behind. But we have come away with many ideas of how to partner with them to see their dreams, both spiritual and material come to pass. These include investing in micro-finance, building a child sponsorship programme, linking schools in Butembo with schools in Merseyside, strengthening links with the Mayors office and providing more leadership training, continuing to train and encourage pastors, and ongoing partnership with local NGOs who are meeting the needs of the poorest and most desperate.

We have felt buoyed by your prayers, you have made an eternal investment. Thank you so much.

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  1. Maggie Sherborne says:

    Glad it went well. Please let me know next time you go, and I will let you have some of our newly translated leaflets on infant oral mutilation, which is a problem in the area where you go.

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