D.R. Congo: Not like British Drizzle!

It’s raining, and it’s not like British drizzle! We are very close to the equator here in Congo and there are frequent tropical rainstorms. The city is quite high and situated on several hills. The dirt roads become rivers and everyone dives for cover. It’s kind of exciting. Especially if you are indoors. Thankfully Pastor Alexandre’s church now has a proper tin roof thanks to Frontline members generous giving.

The team spent the afternoon with some 20 or so women of the church, including a couple of wives of other bishops. Lydia and Hannah brought a word from Psalm 139 and Elikem brought a word from Esther, both emphasising the value of the women. The shock came when James apologised on behalf of men for all the abuse and oppression that the women suffered at their hands. Pastor Alexandre and Mana the interpreter both said how powerful it was. Men never apologise to women for anything in Congo. Mana said he had never heard anything like it in any of the East African countries that he ministers in (for YWAM). The meeting was completed by the girls giving the women a variety of hand massages, facials etc. To make them feel pampered, loved and valued.

I have had a gruelling explanation this evening from Mana, as we have poured over a map of Congo together, of the consistent exploitation of Congo by Europeans, even up to the present day by multinationals. It is heart breaking.


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