How unspiritual!

How unspiritual!

How unspiritual!

Having woken early on Sunday morning, I was up at some ungodly hour reviewing my goals for this year. I realised that whilst I had plenty of work and other personal goals, I surprisingly didn’t have any obvious or uniquely spiritual ones – bit of an oversight for the pastor of a church. I guess for me the spiritual is so intertwined with everything else that it had not occurred to me to create a specific goal in this area. At least that’s what I told myself!

However on reflection, I wonder if it was more to do with the fact that I can get used to operating at a certain level in my Christian life, even a certain comfort level. Like me you may have perhaps figured out how to have a reasonable and satisfactory working relationship with God. I know that if I said that to Jenny about our relationship, I would get a withering look, as if to say, ‘is that all you want ‘a reasonable and working relationship!’’ I sense three weeks of cold shoulder coming on.

And I guess God would be pretty disappointed too if I acknowledged that to Him (He knows already of course).

So what would it be – to heal more sick, to raise a few dead people, to see thousands saved, to spend an hour in prayer every day? In the end I realised that what I wanted more than anything was simply to hear His voice more. So my goal is to hear His voice every day. Not an audible voice – just in case anyone was getting ready to send for the men in white coats, but the still small voice that we hear in our hearts, that we see in our mind or imagination. That gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit that comes at unexpected moments.

Deuteronomy Chapter 8 says that ‘man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’. Just as the Israelites got their manna every day and we need food on a daily basis, so we need to hear God’s voice on a daily basis. To hear his voice is the most thrilling sound in the universe. It’s more wonderful than any piece of music. It lifts the spirit, reminds us that we are in vital relationship to the king of kings and lord of lords. It galvanises our sense of purpose and leaves us feeling like a million dollars. Sounds good doesn’t it.

So that’s my goal. What’s yours?

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