D.R. Congo: ‘Hallelu, Hallelu, Bwana Asifiwe’

Team visited PSM http://passionforsoulsmission.com/ this morning, including a clinic where they send their rape victims who need medical attention. It is also a centre where they teach cooking and weaving to the women – Many of them walk 3 hours to get there each day. They gave us some waffle and muffin type things as a gift, which were delicious! Lydia led them in singing ‘Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Bwana asifiwe’ in parts (in Swaheli). 3 guesses what the song is!

This afternoon we visited Promicrofinance, a micro loan company helping dozens of emerging small businesses (mainly run by women) get started with very low interest rates. They also help fund school extensions and we’re wondering if this could help develop Pastor Alexandre’s primary and seconday school, which we visited yesterday. It is currently in mud and stick buildings, about 200 pupils who gave us a rapturous welcome. We’d love to do something to help them. Many of the teachers give their time freely as there aren’t enough funds to pay them. But they see it as their ministry. It reminded me of the love and dedication of CFS http://www.cfschool.org.uk/ in Liverpool.

Others from our team are ministering to the women of Pastor Alexandre’s church now (CRS – Centre de Reveil Spirituel), and distributing many of the gifts that people donated before the trip. Thank you again for your generosity.

Tomorrow we start the two-day pastors leadership training conference – Looking forward to that!

Thank you to all of you who’ve been praying for us. Please keep them coming; We know we are very dependent on folks’ prayers.

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  1. Jackie Hodson says:

    Only just thought to check your facebook for DRC reports. Sooo good to hear what’s happening!Sounds really wonderful.The visit to the Mayor sounds very moving.Thankyou LOrd for moving hearts.Praying everyday for God’s blessing, leading,strength and protection for you all.He is so with you all.The waffles sound good!Look forward to more news.Bwana Asifwe.Dieu est tres Bon!

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