Fabulous Francesca

Fabulous Francesca

What a joy being a grandparent is. At 7 ½ months Francesca had her first overnight experience at grandma and grandpa’s this weekend. A small removal van arrived with all the equipment, changes of clothing, specialist food supplies, walking and sleeping apparatus, not to mentions a warehouse full of brightly coloured toys that shake, rattle and roll.

It was a delight. However much I may dislike calming a screaming baby, clearing up sick, or changing nappies – one smile and everything is all right. In fact more than all right, it’s pretty fantastic. Her smile melts my heart, makes me cry, makes me laugh and makes me want to sing. She is beautiful.

It struck me that God must feel pretty much like that about us. However much we mess up, he delights in us. One smile towards him, one repentant heart cry, one prayer of thanks, one faltering step of faith – and he’s all over us, smothering us with his love and affection, saying ‘Well done’, ‘you’re the apple of my eye’. Nothing is too much trouble for him. It’s hard to get our head round it, but the scripture in Zephaniah 3:17 even says he rejoices over us with singing.

Thank you for your amazing unconditional love Father

Thank you for giving us a weekend of your love Francesca

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