37 baptised in one day

37 baptised in one day

What a day! From 4 services, about 37 men and women from all walks of life were plunged under the bath-warm waters of our birthing pool. It’s always struck me as an incredibly appropriate name for our baptismal pool – that which was designed for hospitals to use for natural birth has been adapted to register and seal the spiritual birth of those who have decided to follow Jesus.

The atmosphere was electric at the 10:30 service, a queue of baptismal candidates stretched round the room. 17 of them Iranian, and mostly men! As each one went under the water, it was impossible not to think about the life that lay ahead for each one in following Jesus, knowing that the road would not be straightforward, that for many there were likely to be great trials ahead. Would they all make it, would they find God’s grace in times of need, would they go on to be great apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers, would they stay in Liverpool and witness the transformation of this great city, would they become leaders in this church, would they become faithful husbands and wives, fathers and mothers? So many thoughts.

As I look back on my 45 years of following Christ, I’m glad I didn’t know all the answers to those questions. Some things are better not known till the time comes. But I am so glad that Jesus has kept me; so grateful that Jenny and I are still together; so amazed that all our children and grandchildren are still within 5 minutes drive of our house; so appreciative that God has strengthened the church through the last 3 years of difficulties and is now launching us into the next phase of fruitfulness and expansion; so thankful that He is building his church with amazing men and women who he has brought to Frontline over the years.

Thirty seven is not exactly ‘day of Pentecost’ proportions, but it’s a good step along the way. As God has promised us that this year would be a year of reward, it’s good to see the first signs of that emerging. Lift up your eyes church. Bring it on Lord!

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  1. shane says:

    Fantastic! What a great day!!! Thanks for the update…

  2. Paul B says:

    fantastic! Baptisms are the true sign of a growing church! Seals the commitment.

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