Heaven Awaits

Heaven Awaits

For those of you in our 10:30 service last Sunday, along with crazy guys on exercise machines and men and women with inspiring prayer lives, you will have heard me interview a man called Phil Vogel. Phil was instrumental in Jenny and I moving to Liverpool in 1991 to start the church. He was a coach to us in the early days when we joined the two churches together. We probably wouldn’t have been here without Phil’s loving and challenging input to our lives. Phil boasts that next year he will be 80! (he’s actually still only 78)

Recently Phil was visiting his doctor and was asked by him, ‘what is the best thing about getting older?’ Phil’s replied stunned him. He said, ‘Well I’ve been serving Jesus for over 50 years and I’m really looking forward to meeting him’. The doctor said ‘That’s the best reply to that question I have ever heard.’

This typifies Phil’s outlook on life. He has been motivated by love for God, has never taken the easy or self-serving route, has consistently invested himself in others rather than looking for the limelight for himself. His book ‘Go and make apprentices’ was ahead of its time. It’s out of print but is available on line at http://www.dci.org.uk/zipped/apprentices.pdf It is a classic on leadership and discipleship. I commend it to you.

Whenever I spend time with Phil I am challenged by his attitudes to life and serving Jesus. I find myself to be shallow and far too concerned about me, it is never a comfortable experience, but always a good one.

The scariest thing is that some years ago Phil asked if I would speak at his funeral. What can you say about such a giant of the faith? What do you say about the man that has mentored some of the best known names in Christian circles (Terry Virgo and Clive Calver to mention just a couple)? I’m sure his funeral will be a who’s who of the Christian world! I don’t know what I will say but I do know that he will be enjoying his greatest longing – to be with his saviour Jesus. May we have such clear focus and passion.

Phil, heaven awaits.

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