The glories of the English summer

The glories of the English summer

Beautiful windswept beaches, miles of golden sand, and not a soul in sight. That’s the wonder of Pembrokeshire in June. Spain may have the sun and paella, Portugal may have the Algarve, France may have cheap supermarket booze, Italy may have historic ruins, hilltop villages and pasta, but England has weather! It’s that exciting adventure of never quite knowing what you are going to wake up to and whether the weather will permit your plans to proceed.

Some hate the uncertainty, others hate the cold, the wet, and the wind, but true Brits see the weather as part of God’s challenge to give thanks in all circumstances; to believe that he is working all things together for good; to see the new and unexpected opportunities that arise as a result of the unpredictable; to have the wood-burning stove going in the middle of summer; and to enjoy every aspect of his creation and provision.

In the end we had a good traditional mixture of Welsh wind, rain, drizzle, low cloud, mist, and of course some glorious beach-baking sunshine. And we have returned thoroughly refreshed

In the end Jen’s attempt to be King Canute, holding back the tide, sadly failed!

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