Fire Alert

Fire Alert

Liverpool city-region is fabulous. I love it. I’ve lived here over 21 yrs now, and I never get tired of saying how brilliant it is. I am proud to show visiting friends round and tell some of its stories.

It has gone through huge changes in the time Jenny and I have been here, in parts it is unrecognisable, in some places it has hardly changed. Those of us committed to the transformation of our city-region are delighted with what we see in the city centre, with so many new businesses coming to Merseyside, and with Tourism booming. The unemployment is still unacceptably high, but is no longer double the national average as is was for most of the first 10-15 years of our time here. It’s now 11.1% compared to a national average of 8%. We’ve still got such a long way to go, but we are making progress.

The government cuts are hard for a city like ours to bear, but I applaud how Joe Anderson and his cabinet have managed the reduction in revenue and protected the most vital services.

In conversation this week with our wonderful Wavertree MP, Luciana Berger, I heard about proposed cuts to the fire service, that if seen through would likely cause the closure of 16 fire stations across the region, and this is a fire service that has one of the best records of cost per incident. That sounds like pretty bad news if you are the unfortunate person whose house catches fire!

As well as praying for our city-region, we need to do all we can to bless it and help it. That’s why we have set up a separate charity to develop all our social outreach projects If you feel as I do that the cuts to the fire service are bad news, why not sign the petition that Luciana has organised to show our strength of feeling on the issue

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