Nic Harding Bio

Nic Harding Bio

Church leadership has always been Nic’s passion. He is zealous to see leaders, young and old, raised up and churches impacting their cities, communities and neighbourhoods through reaching their God-given potential.

The adventure really began in ’91, when Nic relocated his whole family to Liverpool from Bristol. 10 others did likewise, and together, began what has now become Frontline church. Joining, at an early stage, with a small church led by local Pastor Dave Connolly; Frontline has since grown to about 1,000 adults and children.

Nic and Dave co-lead the church as senior pastors, and Nic, with a love of vision, strategy and structure, fulfils an ‘Executive Pastor’ role (while Dave’s work focuses more on building and developing a network in the UK and overseas). Nic has high standards and seeks daily to develop Frontline as a church and charitable organisation of excellence. Frontline now has many community projects and has built a credible reputation with local and national leaders.

‘Together for the Harvest’ has aided in developing the current atmosphere of cooperation and trust that exists in the city between church leaders. Pioneered by Nic and his good friend John Cavannagh in ’98 it is an inter-church network which draws together dozens of churches across the Mersey region to work around common values and a variety of projects.

Prior to this momentous move north, Nic was a GP in his own practice in Bristol, he had begun to plant congregations, and eventually had to make the critical choice between Medicine and Church leadership. In ’86 he left general practice to join the leadership team of the church he was then involved in, and from there he made the move to Liverpool.  

Jenny is Nic’s beautiful wife of 36 years. She regularly preaches both at Frontline and elsewhere, and runs various marriage, divorce recovery and parenting courses. Hospitality is her speciality, she is a magnificent hostess and great cook! They have 4 grown daughters, and 5 gorgeous grandchildren.

A coffee shop with a good book is Nic’s idea of bliss. He also writes, and has recently had his book ‘Manifesto’ published – a book of convictions about the local church ‘the hope of the world’! He has produced a number of booklets, including ‘The Bible – why believe it’, an introduction to the wonders of the Bible; ‘Dare to Dream’, about seeing your dreams in God fulfilled; ‘There Must Be More’, a guide to pursuing the presence of God; and ‘Living on the Frontline’, a primer in spiritual warfare. The occasional game of tennis is also a great pleasure.

But the real buzz comes through working among church leadership, developing them and helping them to grow in effectiveness, godly authority, and good team work. Nic plans to spend an increasing proportion of his time as a leadership mentor and coach, both to individuals and leadership teams.


  1. Hi, I also have mine own blog and I would like to write on it what I found on yours. You wrote interesting things and I want to use your words on my site. Is it posiible? I wish you all the best.

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  3. Terry seddon says:

    Meeting Nic has changed mine and Amy’s lives so much , we was never really connected with God till we met Nic , with Nic and God in our lives , we have been much happier people , we thank Nic so much , and thank god for sending Nic to is
    God bless u Nic

  4. Glyn says:

    Great to meet you today, Nic. I’ll ponder on what God wants me to do next.

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