The Bank Robber (prison stories part 3) …digging for gold L056

Like the others, Geoff came to us from our outreach in Horfield prison in Bristol. The monolithic grey Victorian institution sat menacingly on our doorstep for years before we dared venture inside. When we did we were amazed at […]

The Flasher (prison stories part 2) …leaders are purveyors of hope L055

Dave came across us in Horfield prison and decided that he wanted more from life than the regular cycle of going in and out of prison every few months. He was a classic recidivist. Nothing anyone had done could […]

The Conman (prison stories part 1) …Harding’s first rule of administration L054

He was every pastor’s dream of a new convert. He was enthusiastic, passionate, got totally involved, blessed everyone around him, and above everything else had a dramatic past that God had rescued him from (or so we thought). We […]

What followers want Part 2 L053

Hard on the heals of the hugely successful ‘Now discover your strengths’ by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O Clifton, there have been the usual follow on books that develop the original ideas further. If you have never done the […]

What followers want Part 1 L052

There can actually be great deal of difference between what leaders think they should be, and what followers actually want. In Jo Owen’s ‘How to lead’ he looks at the improbability of the perfect leader. He or she should […]

Motivating others L051

Whether you are leading an SME, a departmental team, a project, a missional community, or a small group bible study, the issue of motivating others is always a challenge. It’s easy to think that in paid employment it’s easier, […]

The art of leadership L050

Henry Kissinger (U.S. secretary of state under Richard Nixon) said that leadership is the art of ‘taking people where they would not have gone by themselves’. This of course presupposes that we know where people really want to go, […]

Performance Part 3 – Performance review L049

As I said in last week’s blog about performance coaching, people tend to do what you inspect rather than what you expect. So the value of a review process is immense. Accountability needs to be built into everything we […]

Performance Part 2 – Performance coaching L048

Last blog we looked at performance planning, and in particular setting goals and using the SMART adjectives to describe the kind of goals we want. These goals are important as they have the power to pull us into the […]

Performance Part 1 – performance planning L047

Performance is an important part of any job. If we don’t perform, we probably shouldn’t be in that job. Every job or voluntary role has explicit or implicit things it is designed to achieve. I add the word ‘role’ […]