D.R. Congo: We hail ourselves as the ‘developed world’

D.R. Congo: We hail ourselves as the ‘developed world’

We finally arrived at Manchester airport this morning shortly after 7am. Two 7 hour legs, one from Kampala to Dubai and then onto Manchester. It is always weird to be back in the West after being in the Congo, […]

D.R. Congo: nearly falling in a swamp whilst trying to relieve myself at the roadside!

After an 8 and 1/2 hour drive across to Uganda we arrived in Kampala at Pastor Paddy’s church. It’s an impressive concrete structure that seats 800 and runs 3 services on Sunday. It’s great to meet up with Paddy […]

D.R. Congo: Hot, dusty, dirt and boulder roads to the border

3 1/2 hrs on hot, dusty, dirt and boulder roads to the Congo border in a beat up 4×4 with 4 of us squashed on the back seat and Lydia cooped up with the luggage. We passed two articulated […]

D.R. Congo: Broadcast on local TV!

We spent the morning with Pastor Alexandre looking ahead to what the next 5 years of partnership might look like – lots of exciting possibilities. I Heard that the talk I did with the mayor’s staff was broadcast on […]

D.R. Congo: ex-boy soldiers

Another iPhone crisis day with no power till tonight. Easier start to the leaders conference today, much more engaged. Some classic pieces of drama from the team, and I even got a laugh from a joke about a mosquito […]

D.R. Congo: Not like British Drizzle!

It’s raining, and it’s not like British drizzle! We are very close to the equator here in Congo and there are frequent tropical rainstorms. The city is quite high and situated on several hills. The dirt roads become rivers […]

D.R. Congo: ‘Hallelu, Hallelu, Bwana Asifiwe’

Team visited PSM this morning, including a clinic where they send their rape victims who need medical attention. It is also a centre where they teach cooking and weaving to the women – Many of them walk 3 […]

D.R. Congo: Amazing favour!

We had an amazing time at the Mayor’s office this morning. The mayor, his deputy and his 80-100 of his staff from round the city came together to allow us to teach them in the open air about godly […]

How unspiritual!

How unspiritual!

How unspiritual! Having woken early on Sunday morning, I was up at some ungodly hour reviewing my goals for this year. I realised that whilst I had plenty of work and other personal goals, I surprisingly didn’t have any […]

Tintin got there before me

Tintin got there before me

Yes there is a Tintin book called ‘Tintin in the Congo’! It was one of his earliest adventures, written in the 1930s with stories of hunting down wild game as well as criminals. I hope to avoid both those […]